Livestream Home Showing Didn’t Make Much Sense

As a luxury Real Estate agent in Beverly Hills and the Los Angeles area, I service a high net worth clientele of luxury real estate property buyers.


I must provide a flawless, swift real estate experience to our customers who are local leaders, significant figures in entertainment/sports, and as well as foreign buyers from various overseas areas.  
I empower them to make the best decision in the smallest amount of time in a highly competitive buying area and I cannot afford to lose a minute of selling productivity.

As a former employee at a live streaming mobile app startup, I had explored the possibility to air home showings of my luxury listings live from my mobile device.  This could be a unique experience to share with my premium buyers. The reality of incumbent tech solutions have not fit my needs. Each streaming solution delivers a cumbersome buyer experience - one where the buyer must have a specific kind of application to download, a specific social media account created or one where a defined type of device is needed to view the showing.

It’s really not easy.
It’s too much work to use these.
Productivity is central to what I do.  
I cannot waste time figuring out technology.

In addition, the quality of such video streams was not suitable to our premium buyers.  I need to wow them with top-notched video definition and fidelity sound.


That’s why livestream home showing had never made it to my arsenal of luxury home selling tools so far.

REveo changes the Real Estate livestream game

Back in October of last year, the founder of a Real Estate livestream mobile app got in touch with me via DM (Direct Message) on Instagram
 positioned his solution as the “easiest app to livestream Real Estate listings” and “put my open homes only one click away from my buyers” intrigued me.

I was at my open house at 12420 Albers that day.

It literally took me 5 seconds from my listing’s location to air a personal, custom livestream home showing. 
In a single click, the founder of that tech startup joined my showing on his iMac in high-definition video and high-fidelity sound.

It was so easy.

Ease and beauty in a single click.  I was shocked!
We got to know each other in person and this was the first personal livestream home showing I ever delivered.
Using the app once was enough for me to fully understand it.
Since then, I started using REveo at all my open houses to engage buyers who couldn’t make it the day of my opens.

I was able to share my livestream home showings with them in the most relevant way: via text message, email, or any social network.
A single click was all it took to deliver that personal showing experience.

Today, livestream has become a core driver of my luxury customers’ success.

REveo changed the way I sell and there is no way I could go back.

How do I use REveo?

My primary REveo use is actually to deliver a personal buying experience to foreign buyers looking to invest in the Beverly Hills area.  Most of them join my livestream home showing from Asia and Europe, in the simplicity of a single click.

In addition to this core use, I also service movie stars who are either relaxing locally or traveling abroad while looking for their next home.  They can tour a listing in a single click from their tablet, laptop or desktop.  

It’s really as easy as that.
REveo makes it so easy to focus on estates of real interest.

And REveo gets the home qualification process done in a fraction of the time I used to need.  It boosts my productivity.

It also does it much better than alternatives such as online images or virtual tours.  Oftentimes, I have had customers complain about the offset between what such assets show and how the property looks to the buyers once they get there in person.

REveo shows the real thing and showcases my personal Real Estate expertise in real time.  My personal brand gets elevated every time I air a showing.  I love that aspect too.

I deliver a realtime experience, simply human, it allows me to take authenticity in personal selling to a new level.  A level where confidence between my buyer and my listing seller is established upfront.

Clearly, I am a big fan of livestream home showings as I believe this is where the future of Real Estate is going.

If you are interested and want to hear more about how REveo can also help you be more productive at selling Real Estate, feel free to reach out to me.

Let’s make the future of Real Estate, personal, beautiful and so easy to use and delight our buyers.

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