Preparing for a Home Inspection

Preparing to Sell a Home? 

The vast majority of Buyers will request at minimum, a General Home Inspection done, prior to closing Escrow. This inspection is usually done at the Buyer's cost, to discover any repairs needed on the property. Basically, it gives the Buyer a sense of what they're buying- and if there are any problems (or potential problems) that they should know about.     

  Here are a few ways to help prepare for the Home Inspection:

1. Have all utilities turned on! Especially in vacant houses, you want to be sure that gas, electric, and water, are on and working. 

2. Replace any burnt-out lightbulbs.

3. Know where the water heater and furnace are, and make them accessible for the home inspector. The same goes for an attic and a basement if you have one. 


4. Replace any dirty air filters. (This will be one less thing for the inspector to note in the report!)

5. Have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors where they need to be.

*Pro Tip: Leave at least 2 hours for the inspector to visit the house! You don't want to rush him/her! Also, keep any pets or animals outside or out of sight!


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