"My aim is not to be the biggest real estate agent in the market; it's simply to be the best." 


To create a marketing plan that will quickly and effectively reach the most likely buyers for your home, I draw on the insights of my company’s unique and powerful Target Buyer Analysis program. Our program draws on consumer analytic data from many sources including third-party information brokers such as Acxiom and Esri, along with location intelligence from Facebook, Foursquare and Google. It weighs property data from the surrounding neighborhood as well. This information enables us to laser-focus on your property’s top four buyer profiles out of 70 “segments” — distinct consumer groups based on interests, buying habits and demographics. We’re then able to create and deploy a highly targeted digital marketing campaign on the sites most often visited by these most likely prospects. This precise, data-driven marketing approach far outperforms traditional advertising used by other real estate firms to quickly attract and engage your ideal buyer.


Drawing on years of experience and proven results, we'll create an integrated multimedia marketing strategy that's custom-designed for your home. It will combine a range of powerful elements, including: Online media, mobile marketing, social media, print advertising, print marketing, and industry networking. Included in this, your property will be promoted across six Wall Street Journal sites to reach affluent buyers around the globe, at no extra charge. According to the National Association of Realtors, 43% of Buyers found their home through the internet, and 33% through a real estate agent. 


In determining price, we evaluate three key elements — location, market dynamics and sales activity in your local area — to determine the highest potential value for your property. Other properties currently on the market and recent home sales both affect how potential buyers assess the worth of your home. Our comprehensive market evaluation will help you determine where your property should be positioned amid the competition. Determining the listing price A competitively priced home attracts a far larger number of showings to qualified buyers. We’ll draw on all our skill, experience and information to help position your home to attract the highest possible price for the current mark.


We pride ourselves on maintaining clear, consistent and frequent communication with all parties in the transaction. We will also assist you in the review of instructions and all contract deadlines, as well as coordinating and attending all inspections; negotiating any further repairs or credits by buyer, and meeting the property appraiser in order to ensure a smooth closing. 

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